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Traveling by train is relaxing, exciting, efficient, and affordable. North Americans are discovering the railroad as an environmentally friendly and convenient means of travel.

Forget about reading maps or road signs from a car, dealing with traffic and congestion or arriving hours before a flight. Take the train!


  1. Flexible and Spontaneous

via rail

There are last minute deals and numerous daily departures to choose from. It can be an ideal way to see several towns and landmarks along the way by pre-booking stopovers on a multi-city option.


  1. Comfortable

train travel

Seats and private cabins are generally more spacious and comfortable than cars and planes. Passengers are free to move about the train at all times and enjoy the scenery. Sleeper-class travelers have private cabins with bedding for a comfortable night's rest. Train travel does not have the turbulence often experienced in airplanes, the seasickness felt in boats, nor does it feel cramped like car travel.            


  1. Amenities

train travel

Many trains have a full-service dining car offering a variety of meals and a lounge car with sandwiches and drinks. There are restrooms, electrical outlets at your seat, free WIFI and on-train entertainment systems including kids’ programming depending on the route. Private sleeping cabins provide washrooms with showers and towels.    


  1. Reliable

train travel

Trains are not subject to road conditions therefore travel times are more efficient and consistent. They are also less affected by adverse weather conditions. And there are no issues with lost luggage!


  1. Convenient

train travel

Trains serve nearly every city, most of them multiple times per day, running hourly if not more often. Major stations are usually right in the center of the city, with shops, restaurants and hotels just a couple of steps away. Baggage is within reach if you need quick access to your belongings. And you can bring fluids (shampoo, water) and your own food! Only have to arrive 30 minutes before departure with minimal hassle.


  1. Environmentally Friendly

train travel

Train travel is a more fuel-efficient means of transport, producing over 90% less CO2 than an equivalent flight. It also decreases the amount of carbon producing cars on the road.


  1. Economical

train travel

Cost-effective compared to other modes of transport, with deals, packages and discounts. NO baggage fees or airport transport fees and you can save the cost of lodging if you travel overnight.


  1. Business Friendly

business train travel

Be productive on the go with free WIFI, cellphone usage, outlets and four-seater sections for business meetings or single seats to work quietly. Some stations offer lounges for business travelers conveniently located in the heart of urban centers. 


  1. Family Friendly

family train travel

Kids love trains! They’re free to move around, play games and watch the scenery or the kids’ on-line entertainment programs. Four-seater sections are ideal for family travel and dining cars make mealtime easy. Portable playpens and foldable strollers are allowed as carry-on baggage and there are microwaves to heat baby food and baby bottles.


  1. More Than Transportation

train travel

A train ride can be a destination in and of itself. Dramatic routes wind through spectacular scenery; historic rail lines pass iconic sights and remote railways traverse isolated landscapes. 


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1. Where would you like to visit by train in Canada?
2. Do you usually travel for pleasure or business?

Contest ends Monday May 22, 2017.

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  • 1. Vancouver
    2. Pleasure (but rarely)

    Paula Rason on

  • 1. L’ouest canadien
    2. Pour le plaisir d’un bon voyage mémorable en famille. :)

    Cathie Beaulieu on

  • 1- Les Rocheuses
    2- Pour le plaisir

    Sylvie on

  • 1. Quel endroit aimeriez-vous visiter par train au Canada?
    J’habite à l’Est, donc j’irai vers l’Ouest! Vancouer!
    2. Voyagez-vous habituellemnt pour le plaisir ou pour les affaires?
    Toujours pour le plaisir!

    myriam pinsonneault on

  • 1. L’ouest canadien :)

    2. Pour le plaisir !
    Merci pour le concours !

    Marie-Pier Mercier on

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